dbsake [-d|–debug] [-q|–quiet] [-V|–version] [-?|–help] <command> [<args>]


dbsake is a collection of command-line tools to assist with administering parts of a MySQL database.

Formatted and hyperlinked versions of the latest dbsake documentation can be found at


-?, --help

Show the top-level dbsake options

-V, --version

Output the current dbsake version and exit

-q, --quiet

Suppresses all logging output. Commands that output to stdout will still emit output, but no logging will be performed. You can use the exit status of dbsake to detect failure in these cases

-d, --debug

Enable debugging output. This enables more verbose logs that are typically not necessary, but may be helpful for troubleshooting.

Enabling Bash completion

dbsake supports bash completion via the python-click library. To enable this you can run the following command:

eval $(_DBSAKE_COMPLETE=source dbsake)

This will enable tab completing subcommands and options.

Bash completion only works if the script is run directly and not directly via the python interpreter. That is the following will use tab completion:

# eval $(_DBSAKE_COMPLETE=source ./dbsake)
# ./dbsake <TAB>

However, the following command will not:

# eval $(_DBSAKE_COMPLETE=source dbsake)
# python dbsake<TAB>